What you Should Know about Duck Meat

Although duck is very popular in Chinese cuisine, some non-Chinese people are preparing duck dishes in their homes or ordering some in restaurants. Despite the difficulty in preparing duck and its unique flavor, duck meat is getting more and more attention from grocery shoppers. Those who love to prepare duck dishes on their own can easily find a roasted duck recipe online.

Ducks also have a big chest cavity. That is why it has a smaller part of the meat to bone and it’s entirely dark meat. Also, dark meat is fatty but flavorful. When roasting duck, you need to prick the skin constantly to release the fat. Although the majority of people think that duck is too fatty to consume, once the skin is removed, a half cup of roasted duck meat has only 140 calories. This calorie content is about the same as roasted chicken without skin. Duck meat might not be always available in supermarkets but it can be special ordered.

Nutrition Facts

As with other kinds of poultry, duck is a great source of protein, selenium, protein, zinc, and B vitamins. The skin of the duck has around 1/3 saturated fat and 2/3 monounsaturated or polyunsaturated fat.

Kinds of Duck

You can purchase ducks fresh a limited basis form late spring through late winter. However, duck meat is often sold frozen. Sometimes, specialty food markets sell fresh duck breasts.

The white Pekin is the most widely sold domestic duck which was introduced to the American market in the 19th century. Usually, young white Pekin ducks are sold as Long Island ducklings, though 1/3 of domestic ducks are raised in Long Island, New York. Most ducks come from Midwest farms. Below are the most common kinds of duck:

  • Pekin ducks. This most widely available kind of ducks. They are fed on a diet of corn and soy. It has a milder flavor than other varieties. Pekin is heavy-boned and yields less meat per pound than other duck varieties. They are usually harvested when eight weeks old or younger weighing 3-6 pounds. A big part of this weight is fat.
  • Muscovy ducks. Often, this duck is used in restaurants. This small and gamy meat has more pronounced flavor than the Pekin.

  • Mallard ducks. These ducks are rarely available. You can usually get this from someone who hunts or has access to a specialty store. The meat from these ducks is best consumed medium-rare.
  • Moulard ducks. This variety has big, dark, sweet breast meat. These ducks are usually twice as big as Pekin ducks and very hard to find.

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